As most of our scenarios, this came as a result of a client asking for an easy way to send an announcement to their clients as an email. They wanted to send a nice looking email (HTML based) to a number of contacts, and they wanted the process to be easy and straightforward. They also didn’t want to buy any other tools.

A History of Mass Emails

Sending mass emails in Dynamics has always been an issue. You can create a legacy marketing campaign, and send emails that way, but it is somewhat labor intensive, and html based emails require a few tricks (you have to create an html page, then copy and paste it… and the images have to be in a public location accessible via the web). You could also create a template, and apply it to a number of contacts, or even run a workflow, but that again had limitations.

Then there are the other tools that you can use, like ClickDimensions (that we really like for certain scenarios), but that may be overkill for a simple announcement email.

With the new offerings from Microsoft, we can now use Power Automate and do pretty easily what was an issue in the past.

The Requirement for this Tutorial

Like the previous tutorials in this blog, the main requirement is to have a solution that is cost effective, scalable, and works near real time, with no code.

Solution Approach

We created one Flow in Power Automate that runs when a record is selected, asks the user about the subject and body, and sends the email.

Why did we do this approach?

It gives the user the ability to create their own email in an easy step, and they can use any HTML based code to do so, or just plain text!

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